Photo contest

I have been looking to join photo contests for a very long time, but most of them have some weird rules. No people under 18, No people from the following states, or having hundred dollar entry fees. So then I found the Nikon Photo Contest, which is obviously very popular, so I don't know how I hadn't seen it before. Nikon is a Japan-based company. Usually, without COVID, the top people in the contest would travel to a hall or ceremony for the top winners for each category. The theme of the category I entered was "Connect"

I grew very excited and researched winners. The photos were beautiful. I was mesmerized by all the photographer's talent and even the videographers. I doubted myself. For about 5 minutes. Then I said, "Stop, you can be just as good." So I decided to enter, and I started to research.


I started researching ideas for the shoot. I already had an idea of what I wanted to do though. Since the theme was "connect" I decided to photo about women empowerment and womanhood. Some of my other ideas before I decided upon that one were animals, grandparents, mother and daughter, and more.

I researched ideas for women empowerment, I made mood boards, took inspiration, asked friends and family, and I finally made the board below:

Women go through so much every day. Racism, sexism, and being looked at as small-minded, or less than. I wanted one African-American woman and a caucasian woman. So much is happening in the world with hate. I wanted to see 2 women of different races come together in love and beauty instead of hate and negativity. 2 women connecting in love, womanhood, and gracefulness. My plan was to take my photo at Wingersheek Beach, in Gloucester, MA. There are many rocks there, si my plan was to place my 2 models on a rock, holding themselves together, with the ocean in the background.

I realized I found my idea. What I had imagined, and one of the biggest things I have always thought of when I think of connection.

The Day of the shoot

I went out the night before and dropped off white tank tops I had decided they should wear. I picked everyone up at 10:30 AM. Since the low tide was at 11:30, and it was an hour ride, I needed to get there right on time. Thankfully, the water wasn't too far away, nor too close. It was perfect. I of course had to pick the rock most far away, and the most slippery and dangerous. but, it was in the perfect place, so it was worth it. I did find climbing up all the huge slippery boulder with all my equipment. It was annoying and not ideal, but it would be worth it in the end, or so I thought.

We got up to the top and I started shooting. It was good for a few minutes. Until... I slipped. I was so so close to falling 0off and getting wedged between the 2 boulders. Great. My mom was far, so she had to run over. before she helped me up, of course, she stopped to take pictures. I don't know. I threw the camera at her and said "TAKE IT! TAKE IT! TAKE THE CAMERA!!" I was sure it was broken. but I said I needed to finish what I went there to do. So I kept shooting while sitting, I then got to walk all the way back to my car (about 2-3 football fields) On my hurt ankle.

I was sure it was broken, It was tripled in size, and had the weird numb pain when I first fell. I went to an orthopedic doctor, and I found out I tore a ligament.

In the end...

In the end, I was happy with the photo I got, it wasn't exactly what I was aiming for, but it was still great. I am so happy I got the opportunity to work with my friends. The results will be out in September, so be ready. I'll update you ;).