The Business of Photography

I never thought that I would be so interested in photography. I also never thought I would be so interested in business. Photography is not just taking photos. You can have no strong, successful business, without knowledge of marketing and consumer values. 60% of photographers give up on their business within the first year. Overall, 85% of photographers will fail. This is mainly due to a small knowledge of marketing.

Without marketing, you have no business. So some idea of this is a must when starting a business in photography. That's why I spend the majority of my time learning about how to market a business and get yourself out there. I constantly try to find ways to market. myself and create a brand. When you build a brand, you will be remembered and known. You will not continue to get clients if you aren't known. That's why this is such an important part of any business.

Building My Business as A Teen

Being so young, it can be difficult to get recognized. It's hard to be big. name when you are so young. But, there are ways I have marketed myself. The first and main way is through social media. Today's world is all on social media. It's the new way of learning and business. I use Facebook to share photos and news about my business. I often share links to my website and updates on my business. This is just a small way I can market myself. I also carry business cards with me. When you shoot an event, it's great to have cards to give out so that if someone decided to say, "Hey, do you have a card? I am interested in a shoot." You can say "Yes!" and just hand them a business card with all your information. There are many other ways to market your business, here are just a few:

  • Email Marketing
  • Blog
  • Pay for Promotion
  • Collaborate
  • Use an online business connecting service

Balancing School and a Business

A business takes up so much time in people's lives. They can spend 5+ years just CREATING that business. But what else takes a lot of time? High School. With multiple clubs and sports, constant homework and projects, and tests, it can be hard to balance a career with education. I'm always working on one or the other. But I developed a way to balance the 2 equally so that I Can get both done.

High school can be very stressful. With loads of assignments due every night, studying for projects, and more, I am constantly thinking about school and my future. Alongside this, I am also starting a business, a business that I want to keep growing until I get to my dream business. Which by itself is already a ton of work and takes a lot of time. I am always trying to learn more marketing strategies, further my skills and upgrade my website, and adding more and more things to interact and attract people with. Here are 4 ways I have been balancing school and a business.

-Work Whenever Possible

I want to always make sure I have school work done early, so I put my education first. But, I do like to fit some work into my school day as well. If I finish my work early in class, and I'll work on my brand. If I have a free period and no work due, I'll work. If I'm home and bored, I work. So I always fill my free time with my job. Sometimes, I will be waiting for a class to be over, so I'll just go ahead and work!

-Create a Schedule

I am a big schedule person! I love setting priorities straight and planning a workday ahead of time. I love to use bullet journals because they are a very creative way to stay organized. All the best entrepreneurs have schedules, really anyone can. I already have a class schedule, this creates structure. Now, I add my work life to this. I try and stay ahead and on time with this schedule as much as possible. Make sure to schedule a time for eating and resting because it's so important! Having a schedule helps me and can help you get a lot more done.

-Take Breaks

When I need a break from school, I don't ALWAYS go straight to work on my business. Sometimes the mind needs time to rest and reset so that it can perform the best possible. Make time for YOU. While it may seem as if you don't have time to spare, it might actually be the number one thing you need to stay on task. Whether I go outside and get some fresh air, or go on a walk with friends, I never forget to take care of myself.

-Prioritize Organization

When you wear a lot of hats, it can be hard to keep track of all the responsibilities you have. That's why staying organized is so so important when it comes to balancing school and a job. I need to know where everything is all the time. Digital and tangible. For example, I have all my photos and files organized on my laptop. This way, I know where I can find my photos, downloads, files, etc. Physical things I do are, charge my laptop every night, organize my desk daily, have different notebooks, etc. A planner is also a good idea to stay organized. Keep organized and it will be much easier to balance school and work life.

It can be stressful balancing education and building a career. It's not an easy task. I know that I might sacrifice some things, do things I don't enjoy, and have long working nights. But I know, It will all be worth it in the end.

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